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The Packaging Team
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For each product there may be many product sub categories. View them by clicking on a photo, or go directly to any product listed below by clicking on its name.

Retail Packaging & Gift Supplies

Garment bags
  RHINO Bag 600 D
  Large Suit
  Dress & Coat
  Fur Bag
  Custom made in the USA
  Shoulder Covers
  Garment Bags on a roll
  Garment Mailing Cartons

Tissue Paper
  Premium White
  Solid Colors
  Stock Prints
  Black & White mix
  Autumn Mix
  Holiday Mix
  Metallic gold or silver
  Transparent Color Cel
  Heavy Duty
  Custom printed

Twisted Handle Shoppers
  White Kraft
  Solid Matte Colors
  High Gloss Colors
  Gingham Print
  Matte Kraft Metallics

Euro Totes

Frosted Leopard & Zebra Bags

Soft Handle Frosted Shoppers

Jelly Bags

Frosted Clear Tote

Merchandise Bags

Low Density Plastic Merchandise Bags

SOS Grocery Bags

Duffel Bags and Backpacks

Tote Bags

  Crinkle Cut
  Precious Metal

Ribbons and Bows
  Stretch Loops
  Poly Satin Star Bows
  Poly Satin Ribbon
  Curling Ribbon

Apparel, Millinery, and Gift Boxes

Tie & Glove Set-Up Boxes

Jewelry Boxes
  Gloss Black or White
  Gold Foil
  Silver Foil
  Tied Bow
  Metallic Floral
  Drawstring Pouches
  Stretch loops
  Close Outs

2-piece Tab Lock Gift Boxes

Decorative Wine & Liquor Boxes

Packaging & Shipping Supplies

Bin Boxes & Storage Containers
  Bins Boxes
  Ballot Boxes
  File Storage Boxes
  Magazine File Box

Bubble & Foam
  Bubble Products
  Foam Products
  Foam Corner & Edge Protectors
  Instapak Quick Foam
  Instapak Quick Foam Bulk
  Instapak Quick Tough-Heavy Duty
  Instapak Quick RT
  Instapak Quick RT Bulk Pack

Chipboard Cartons & Pads
  Apparel Boxes
  Chipboard Pads
  Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons
  Stationery Folding Cartons
  Stationery Set Up Cartons
  White Gift Boxes

Corrugated Cartons, Sheets & Pads
  Bulk Cargo Containers
  Corrugated Cartons
  Corrguated Sheets & Pads
  Deluxe Moving Boxes
  Doublewall Corrugated Sheets
  Hazardous Shipping Containers
  Insulated Containers
  Korrvu Susp/Reten Packaging
  Plastic Pallets
  White Self-Seal Side Load

Corrugates Mailers & Specialties
  Audio/Visual Mailers
  Corrugated Bookfolds
  Corrugated Carrying Cases
  Corrugated Mailers
  Garment Mailers
  Literature Mailers
  Outside Tuck Mailers
  Side Load Locking Mailers

Edge Protectors
  Edge Protectors-Cased
  Edge Protectors-Skid Lot
  Plastic Strap Guards
  Strapping Protectors

Janitorial Supplies
  3M-Aerosol Cleaners
  3M-Floor Brushes & Pads
  3M-Industrial Cleaners
  3M-Maintenance Sorbent
  3M-Scouring Pads
  Can Liners
  Ice Melt
  O'Cedar Brooms & Mops
  Oil Dry
  Paper Products
  Softsoap & Dispenser
  Sweeping Compound
  Wipers & Rags

Kraft Paper
  Bogus Kraft Paper Rolls
  Double Roll Paper Cutters
  Horizontal Roll Paper Cutters
  Indented Kraft Paper Rolls
  Indented Kraft Paper Sheets
  Kraft Paper Rolls
  Kraft Paper Sheets
  Poly Coated Kraft Paper
  Vertical Roll Paper Cutters

  Anti-Static Labels
  Arrow Labels
  D.O.T. Hazard Labels
  Delicate Instrument Labels
  Fragile Labels
  Glass/Liquid Labels
  Hazardous Waste Labels
  International Pictorial Labels
  Inventory Labels
  Label Dispensers
  Made In USA Labels
  ORM-D Labels
  Pallet Corner Labels
  Pallet Protection Labels
  Pre-Printed D.O.T. Labels
  Production Labels
  Rush Labels
  Shipping Labels
  Special Handling Labels
  Subsidiary Risk Labels

Loose Fill
  Flo-Vac Loose Fill Vacuums
  Loose Fill Dispensers
  Loose Fill

Mailing Bags & Envelopes
  Bubble Lined Poly Mailers
  Bubble Mailers
  Corrugated Envelopes
  Jiffy Rigi Bag Mailers
  Nylon Reinforced Mailers
  Padded Mailers
  Paper Bags
  Paper Envelopes
  Poly Mailers & Envelopes
  SHIP-LITE Envelopes
  Stayflat Mailers
  TYVEK Envelopes

Mailing Tubes
  Colored Tubes
  Crimped End Tubes
  Extra Plastic End Caps
  Heavy-Duty Kraft Tubes
  Kraft Tubes
  Premium Telescopic Tubes
  Square Tubes
  Triangle Tubes
  White Tubes

  Newsprint Rolls
  Newsprint Sheets

Packing List Envelopes
  "Clear Face" Doc Envelopes
  "Imprt Papers Encl" Envelopes
  "Invoice Enclosed" Envelopes
  Mil-Spec "Packing List Encl
  "Misc. Documents" Envelopes
  "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes
  "Packing List/Inv Encl" Envelopes
  Resealable Clear Face Doc
  USA "Packing List Encl" Envelopes

Papers, Wrap & Tissues
  Butcher Paper
  Freezer Paper
  Insta-Box Cohesive Singleface
  KIMPAK Cellulose Wadding
  Singleface Corrugated
  VCI Paper Products
  Waxed Paper
  Wrapping Tissue

Poly Bags
  Auto Fill Poly Bags
  Bags, Tapes & Tapers
  Dri-Shield Moister Barrier Bags
  Flat Poly Bags
  Furniture Covers
  Gusseted Poly Bags
  Impulse Sealers
  Pallet Covers & Bin Liners
  Poly Sheeting
  Poly Tubing
  Polypropylene Poly Bags
  Reclosable Poly Bags
  Static Shielding Bags
  Top Sheeting
  Twist Ties

Safety & Industrial Supplies
  3M Ear Muffs
  3M Ear Plugs
  3M First Aide Kits
  3M Hard Hats
  3M Respirators & Dust Masks
  3M Reusable Respirator
  3M Safety Glasses
  Back Support Belts
  Break Room Supplies
  Fall Protection
  Rack Labeling Supplies
  Warehouse Workbelt

Shipping Room Supplies
  3M Sillicone Lubricant
  3M 5-Way Penetrant
  Automatic Electric Staplers
  Carton Size Reducer
  Carton Stand
  Economy Hand Stapler
  Industrial Hand Staplers
  Marsh Dye Type 88 Markers
  Marsh Pigmented 88 Markers
  Mean Streak Paint-Tube Mrkrs
  Pneumatic Roll Feed Staplers
  Roll Storage System
  Sharpie Accent Highlighters
  Sharpie Industrial Markers
  Sharpie Pallet Markers
  Staple Remover
  Stapling Hammer
  Stencils & Stencil Supplies
  Stick Feed Carton Staplers

Shrink Film
  IPG Exfilm+ Polyolefin Shrink Film
  IPG Exfilm+ LTG Shrink Film
 PVC Shrink Fil
   Reynolon 3011 PVC Shrink Film
   Reynolon 5044 PVC Shrink Film
 Shrink Film Systems
   Shrink Film Heat Guns
   Shrink Film Systems
   Shrink Film Service Kits
 Shrink Film Bags
   Domed Shrink Film Bags
   Flat Shrink Film Bags
  Shrink Tubing

  Hand Polyester Strapping
  Hand Polypropolene Strapping
  Machine Polypropolene Strapping
  Poly Chord Strapping
  Poly Strapping Kits
  Poly Strpg Tools, Buckles & Seals
  Signode Spaper Seals Tools
  Steel Strapping
  Steel Strapping Tools & Seals
  Strapping Carts

Stretch Film
 Bundling Stretch Film
   Extended Core Bundling Film
   Bundling Stretch Film Clear
   Bundling Stretch Film Colors
  Extended Core Stretch Film
 Hand Stretch Film
   Anti-Static Cast Hand Stretch Film
   Black Blown Hand Stretch Film
   Blown Hand Stretch Film
   Blown Micron Hand Stretch Film
   Cast Hand Stretch Film
   Cast Micron Hand Stretch Film
   Colored Cast Hand Stretch Film
 Goodwrappers Stretch Film
   Goodwrappers Black UVI Stretch Film
   Goodwrappers Bundling Film
   Goodwrappers Clrd Film
   Goodwrappers Economy Film
   Goodwrappers Identi-Wrap
   Goodwrappers Premium Film
 Machine Stretch Film
   Blown Machine Stretch Film
   Cast Machine Stretch Film
  Stretch Film Dispensers
  Stretch Netting

  Inspection Tags
  Inventory Tags
  Shipping Tags
  Sold Tags
  Tag, Wire & String

  3M 600 Scotch Transparent Tape
  3M 610 Scotch Cellophane Tape
  3M 665 Scotch Dbl Sided Tape-Perm
  3M 810 Scotch Magic Tape-Perm
  3M 811 Scotch Magic Tape-Rmve
  3M Stretchable Tape
 Adhesive Transfer Tape
   Adhesive Tape Dispenser
   Asdhesive Tape Hand Disp Rolls
 Aluminum Foil Tape
   3M Aluminum Foil Tape
   Industrial Aluminum Foil Tape
  Barracade Tape
 Carton Sealing Tape
   Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape
   Colored Carton Sealing Tape
   Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tape
   Natural Rubber Sealing Tape
   Pre-Printed Carton Sealing Tape
 Double Sided Film Tape
   3M GP Double Sided Film Tape
   3M HP Double Sided Film Tape
   Inds Double Sided Vinyl Film Tape
 Double Sided Foam Tape
   3M PolyE Dbl Sided Foam Tape
   3M PolyU Dbl Sided Foam Tape
   Industrial PolyE Dbl Sided Foam Tape
 Double Sided Masking Tape
   3M Double Sided Masking Tape
   Indst Dbl Sided Crepe Tape
 Duct/Gaffers Tape
   3M Duct Tape
   3M Gaffers Tape
   Industrial Duct Tape
   Industrial Gaffers Tape
 Electrical Tape
   3M Electrical Tape
   Industrial Electric Tape
 Filament Tape
   3M Filament Tape
   Industrial Filament Tape
 Flat Black Tape
   General Grade Flat Back Tape
   Meduim Grade Flat Back Tape
   Premium Grade Flat Back Tape
 Label Protection Tape
   3M Label Protection Tape
   Industrial Label Protection Tape
 Masking Tape
   3M Masking Tape
   Industrial Masking Tape
 Paper Gum Tape
   GSO Light Duty Paper Gum Tape
   Heavy Duty Paper Gum Tape
   Medium Duty Paper Gum Tape
 Pouch Tape
   3M Pouch Tape Pads
   3M Pouch Tape Rolls
 Reinforced Paper Gum Tape
   Central Reinforced Tape
   Industrial Reinforced Tape
   Printed Reinforced Tape
 Tape Dispensers
   Carton Sealing Tape Dispensers
   Dbl Sided Mask Tape Disp
   Filament Tape Dispensers
   Label Protect/Pouch Tape Disp
   Paper Tape Machines
   Table Top Dispensers
 Teflon Tape
   3M Premium Grade Teflon Tape
   Industrial Teflon Tape
 Tensilized Polypropolene Strapping Tape
   3M Tensilized PolyP Strap Tape
   Tensilized PolyP Strap Tape
 Vinyl Safety Tape
   Solid Vinyl Safety Tape
   Striped Vinyl Safety Tape
   Vinyl Safety Tape Applicator

Ties, Fasteners & Adhesives
  3M Adhesives
  3M Dual Lock Fasteners
  Cable Ties
  Glue Applicators & Sticks
  Glue Dots
  Rubber Bands
  Tying Twine
  Velcro Self-Grip Straps
  Velcro Tape


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Automatic Electric Staplers

Automatic Electric Staplers

Versatile Automatic Electric Stapler works well in both office and industrial environments.

- Provides quick and silent stapling.
- Features adjustable stapling power and stapling depths.
Item Description Stock Number Pack/Size Price Add To Cart
Standard Electric Stapler #ST105 1/Each $560.63 Add to cart